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Motorcycle Towing Hitch

Motorcycle Towing Hitch

Patented anti sway bar prevents motorcycle from tipping over during turning and backing up.

Safely load motorcycle on level ground.

Rigid frame support allowing shocks to work properly.

Normal front pivot stress

Transport your motorcycle safely, without ramps, secured with motorcycle standing straight up and not stressing the pivot fork for proper tracking.

12" of lift with a an electric wench can lift any motorcycle with a minimum of effort.

Optional lights for the rear can be purchased separately.

Solo hitch is adjustable for many styles or frames.

Due to shipping requirements assembly is required.

Motorcycle Towing Hitch

Designed, tested and made In America.

Be safe and never use solo hitch for anything other than its intended use.

No rider on motorcycle while in transport.

Do not operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Do not exceed max capacity tongue weight.

Always use lights according to state laws.

Then 20 minutes and you are on the road.

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  Photos courtesy of Kimmy Cruz  

Lift almost any mo